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Hey, I’m Joel

I love the gym because it has changed my life and it could change yours. That might sound cliche, but it’s true.  It took me from a skinny, insecure boy to a confident man.

I've been training and perfecting my physique for nearly 3 years. I started at 17 as a skinny long distance athlete who hated being skin and bones with no physical and mental confidence. The gym did not only transform my confidence in my body, but built my confidence in every point in my life - from the way I value myself to how I socially interact in my business and personal life.

With that being said, the gym is not 100% my life. I have built my physique while balancing college and university full time in conjunction with a part time job. I became a coach indirectly by training many of my friends who saw my transformation and wanted to achieve it as well. By doing this, I discovered that I loved training and pushing people to their limits in order for them to achieve the body and confidence a modern man deserves.

The coaching I offer is built for you to rapidly and optimally build your physique, while avoiding all the time-wasting habits I endured over my time training.  Therefore, achieving your dream physique as quickly and healthy as possible.  My coaching style is not for me to hold your hand forever.  It's designed in a way that after we work together,  you will have acquired the skills and knowledge provided by me, as well as the dedication and accountability I held you to, to birth the passion and confidence to thrive independently.


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